Welcome to the Peachmaker!

All the clothing, hair, etc. on this dollmaker was created by either Shane, Kandi, Marion, or Nett. The base for this dollmaker was generously provided by Feliah! Thanks so much!
--- We can't resist help from these wonderful, talented people either: thanks Erika and Sandi for contributing!

Basic Rules:
- Do not redistribute any single item(s) from this dollmaker on your site - you may only display complete dolls.
- If you use a doll made with this dollmaker anywhere, be sure to link back to: http://www.quiet-you.net/dolls

To save your doll:
- Press PrintScrn to make a screenshot.
- Open your paint/graphic program.
- Make a new file.
- Paste the screenshot.
- Crop the image and fix up your doll.

bases & faces:

leg coverage:

for the feet:

jeans & pants:


shorts, skirts, & dresses:


tees, tanks, & other tops:

chic cheveux:

this & that: